How to last longer in bed

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How to last longer in bed?

It’s been quite observant over time that men tend to have shorter sex spans and their arouses get weeks after merely a short period. This problem is a matter of concern for a majority of the population and people are exploring numerous ways to last longer in bed. The escort service in Bangalore has extremely hot and submissive girls and they are extremely horny to get laid in bed with a man that has enough potency to fulfill his fantasy with them.

Let’s have a detailed insight into how a person can last longer in bed just by following some given measures below.

Get it slow

Majority of the men tend to get everything done quick and fast which eventually leads to making everything too swift. This should not be the case and one should instead enjoy every moment by giving sufficient time to every aspect of the process.

Limit your thrusting

One of the most subtle ways to last longer in bed is to limit your thrusting, and it can be often achieved by limiting your desire to just penetrate deep and hard. This shouldn’t be the case as sex is not just only about penetration but there’s so much more to it. One should use the tip of their penis to just gently press the clitoris of their partner or just using deep licking and sucking techniques to give each other immense pleasure.

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Selecting Sex Positions

 Selecting sex positions that help you last longer is one of the most important aspects. Instead of selecting doggy style or flatiron in which there is deep penetration and one can’t sustain for long, one should go for lotus position which is all about grinding against each other rather than hardcore thrusting.

Coordination with the partner

Sometimes everything that has been adjusted can’t come into place until you are fully into the movement. One of the best methods for the same is to have a great and firm contact with your sex partner to make sure that everything goes smooth and intense. An intense eye contact or a little whispering in the ear can be a good stimulator.

Masturbate before sex

It may sound strange to some people out there but sometimes there is great thirst build up inside the body which easily gets triggered even by a slightest touch or wave. Masturbating beforehand can surely be a great way to cope up with the same and last much longer at the time of sex.

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